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Volunteer Sri Lanka

Working to help poor and disadvantaged children and adults

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The Volunteer Sri Lanka Project Accommodation Fee Structure

Accommodation is in the beautiful home of the Project Manager.  There are en suite bedrooms for 1, 2 or 3 people. Please see the photos on the Volunteer Accommodation page.
On the rare occasions when the family home is full volunteers will stay at a very nice house 10 metres away across the lane from Janaka's house.  This house has 3 bedrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. Volunteers living in this accommodation can participate in De Silva family life in exactly the same way as other volunteers.
The Volunteer Fee is $200 per week plus 12% VAT and 4% other taxes.  This includes your accommodation and food.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included, but volunteers will have to pay for their own bottled water, sodas, alcoholic drinks or snacks between meals.  Volunteers should bring their own towels and toiletries: the volunteer fee does not include sanitary supplies and toiletries such as soap, toilet tissues, shampoo, bath gels, hand wash, shower caps, hand/face or bath towels.

Free WIFI will be available for volunteers if they require it.

Air conditioning if required (the $200 monthly fee covers electricity costs).
Janaka has made an agreement with the community pool that our volunteers can use it everyday from 4.00pm to 5.30pm for a fee of Rs.100 per person. Its just 5km from home. 
Travel to work is at the volunteer’s expense. Tuk tuks are extremely cheap, so costs are negligible. We appreciate it if you use our driver Siri as much as possible. His rates are very good and it helps him fund the medical intervention needed on an regular basis by his daughter.

The Volunteer Fee includes a donation to the project which funds such things as:
  • Free daily meals for street kids
  • Free cash scholarships for 8 nursing trainees
  • Free meals for street families on every Friday
  • Free medicine for street children and their families
  • Two scholarships worth Rs.3000/- for two poor university students
  • Inhalers for a 2 year old child with an asthma conditions
  • Stationary for Yasodara nursery/ street kids
  • Supply of Medicine for elders home and Ruhunu orphanage (scabies treatments are expensive - a tube costs Rs. 280 and more than 240 are needed for each treatment)
  • Supply of Pampers for children orphanage.  The monthly cost is $1100. Some volunteers help by buying Pampers which is very much appreciated but it is not expected or required. 
  • Transport costs to take special attention children for swimming lessons (approx Rs.2500 for tuk tuks both ways for a week)
  • Supply of stationery and resources required for special needs children’s class
  • Computer course fee for girls from the orphanage