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Volunteer Sri Lanka

Working to help poor and disadvantaged children and adults

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Daily Routine    


This sample schedule is meant to show a typical day in the life of a volunteer:



7:15am – 8:30 am





Breakfast - serve yourself cereal, toast, fruit, coffee and tea

Volunteers fulfil their volunteering schedule
Lunch - generally 2 courses
Volunteers fulfil their volunteering schedule
Dinner – generally 3 courses


If you have any foods you can’t eat, it is best to advise Janaka prior to coming and remind him and Manel when you arrive. Vegetarians are catered for very well as many common Sri Lankan dishes are vegetarian.


Meals are at similar times, but breakfast tends to start half an hour later. Please check with Janaka or Manel. If you are going out and won’t be home for a meal please let Manel know.


Volunteers are responsible for doing their own washing – large plastic bowls are provided in the rooms. If you wish to send your washing to a laundry, please ask Janaka for the costs involved. He has negotiated a discount for volunteers.

Volunteers are responsible for cleaning their own rooms - just ask for supplies. If you would like Siri to clean your room, he will do so. It’s usual to give him a tip of about 100 rupees for doing this. Siri is absolutely trustworthy, but to avoid misunderstandings please lock away anything valuable.

Also, as children will be children, please don’t leave anything unattended outside your room as Janaka's children are sure to play with it and you may never see it again! The same goes for volunteer resources. Please keep the door to the resource area locked when you are not in it and don’t leave resources unattended around the house or garden.

If any items of resource stock are broken or lost please ask Janaka to have them mended, found etc.

If resource items run low or out of stock please ask Janaka to give you more.